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Climate Dynamics

Climate Dynamics

This area characterizes patterns and processes underlying the historic amplitude and recurrence of decadal / centennial fluctuations in the regional climate, as well as its relative importance in comparison with anthropogenically driven variability.

René Garreaud (Universidad de Chile)

René Garreaud is a full professor at the Department of Geophysics, Universidad de Chile, since 2011 (he was former an associate professor at the same Department from 2001-2010). Dr. Garreaud was chair of this Department the years 2008-2009. He got his PhD in Meteorology at the University of Washington, Seattle – USA, in 2000 working on the role of the tropical-extratropical interaction in shaping the climate of South America under the guidance of Prof. Mike Wallace. René Garreaud is also a civil engineering and M.Sc. in Geophysics from the Universidad de Chile (1993). His research involves climate change and variability, with emphasis in South America. He also has contributed in coastal, synoptic and mountain meteorology, reflected in more than 50 publications in the leading journals of the field. An important part of his work has been conducted as a PI in a series of FONDECYT projects (granted by the Chilean Science foundation) and he also was the director of major a CONICYT Science Project (ACT-19) in collaboration with the national weather service and Universidad de Concepción. He also has contributed in formation of new scientists, including four international post-docs, four M.Sc. students and 3 Ph.D. (currently working in their thesis). Aditionally, Prof. Garreaud teaches several courses in climate, meteorology and physics for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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  • Dr. Patricio Moreno, Universidad de Chile (Alterno)
  • Dr. Duncan Chiristie, Universidad Austral (Asociado)
  • Dr. Paulo Herrera, Universidad de Chile (Asociado)
  • Dra. Catherine Van den Hoof; Universidad de Chile (PostDoctoral)

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