Human Dimensions

Human Dimensions

humanThe Human Dimensions research area of the present project aims to develop a strategy to build societal resilience to climate change in Chile, which might be replicated in countries following similar development paths. To achieve this goal, we will integrate three social disciplines: law, economics and sociology.

Pilar Moraga (Universidad de Chile)

Pilar Moraga is an assistant professor at the University of Chile, Faculty of Law since 2008. She is a lawyer from University of Chile, and she holds a MSc and a PhD in International and Community Law from the University of Lille, France (2005).

She is a member of the Center for Environmental Law at the University of Chile, and director for the Domeyko project on Energy, Environment and Regulation at the same university. She was a researcher at the Center for Transnational Activities at the Faculty of Law, University f Lille (2000-2005) and at Valenciennes University (2002-2005). Her research focuses on sustainable development, environmental and and energy regulation, and comparative enforcement and control regulation. Currently she leads a research project on legal instruments for a sustainable policy on energy and participates in the “Mitigation Action Plans & Scenarios (MAPS)” project conducted by the Ministry for the Environment.

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  • Dr. Rodrigo Arriagada
  • Dr. Gustavo Blanco
  • Dra. Laura Nahuelhual
  • Dra. Anahí Urquiza
  • José Barrena
  • Alejandra Carmona
  • Gabriel Araya
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  • Dana Jimenez
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