Call for doctoral and postdoctoral students at (CR)2


The Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2, a Center of Excellence FONDAP – CONICYT, announces the call for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers for 2016.


Research at (CR)2 tackles highly relevant questions in biogeochemistry, climate dynamics, ecosystem services, social science, and modeling and observing systems.

This research is oriented towards addressing with an integrated approach pressing issues for Chile: scarcity and variability of water resources in Central and Northern Chile, growing urbanization in Central and Southern Chile, and fast land use changes in Central and Southern Chile.

(CR)2 natural scientists study interactions in the regional climate system in a quantitative manner, by means of paleorecords, in situ and remote measurements, and model simulations.

Social scientists use comparative studies and multi-criteria evaluations to examine attainable adaptation, mitigation, and practices to confront the expected climate changes.

Applications until 29 february, 2016