Investigador/a postdoctoral: Centro CIEP y Universidad de Chile – “Regional climate trends and modeling Chilean-Argentinean Patagonia”


    The Center for Investigation in Patagonian Ecosystems (Centro CIEP), with the support of the Department of Geophysics – Universidad de Chile, is seeking a qualified post-doctoral researcher focusing on the regional climate trends and climate modeling in the Chilean-Argentinean Patagonia (40° to 55°S). The project will employ a combination of tools, including existing global and regional climatic models, and potentially satellite based remote sensing (MODIS etc.). The overall objective is to evaluate recent trends in ENSO and SAM drivers and their explicit effects on the Patagonian climate and environment. Initial project objectives may include updating existing regional models based on recent (2006-present) meteorological and hydrological data, potentially incorporate smaller scale hydro-meteorological observation stations (model watersheds, soil and lake monitoring stations maintained by CIEP and other investigators), consider the potential incorporation of recent remote sensing products, and/or subsequently identify the most significant areas for additional observation stations. The post-doctoral investigator will work directly with Chilean, Argentine and international collaborators, and potentially interact and share methods and results with a team of multidisciplinary investigators and graduate student across North and South America (Project SAFER, funded by the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research;

    Pre-requisites: We will consider all qualified international or national applicants. Must be proficient in English, with recent PhD or candidacy (defense date no later than June 2017), with demonstrated experience in any combination of meteorology and numerical modeling (preferred), and/or hydrology, limnology/oceanography. The postdoctoral investigator will be under the supervision of Dr. Rene Garreaud (U. de Chile, Santiago), local supervision by Dr. Brian Reid (Centro CIEP, Coyhaique) and in coordination with local collaborators in the Aysén Region (CL) and Chubut Province (AR). Funding is equivalent to a CONICYT Post-doc salary for one year (1.500.000 $Ch gross monthly), with the strong possibility of extension for 2-3 additional years, depending on first year outcome. Additional funding for travel, project costs, meetings and workshops may be available.

    Applicants should present current CV , references and relevant publications, together with a brief research proposal (year 1) including background, hypothesis, objectives, work plan, and or previous experience in Chile or Argentina. Applications will be considered until 30 June (, with start time available immediately thereafter.

    For more information contact: Centro CIEP: Brian Reid (, Giovanni Daneri (; Universidad de Chile: Rene Garreaud (; IADO Argentina: Gerardo Perillo, PI project SAFER (