Tesista de doctorado: University of Portsmouth, Reino Unido.


Applications until February 5th, 2017

This project will investigate variation in flowering initiation and in other plant traits to assess how they affect seed production in Linum bienne. This will be done in populations across its geographic range between the South of Spain and the UK. The project will include greenhouse experiments and common garden experiments to estimate genetic and phenotypic variation, and heritability of flowering initiation and correlated traits and plant performance. This will allow detecting local adaptation associated to different environments and climates in Europe. It will also help identifying populations resilient to global warming and prompt to provide an adaptive response to climate change. Because L. bienne is the wild crop relative of cultivated flax, measures of traits with agronomic value will be included to assess the potential of L. bienne to improve cultivated flax.

Further information https://www.findaphd.com/search/projectdetails.aspx?PJID=73259