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At (CR)2, we have adopted a systemic and interdisciplinary approach based on five broad areas of research, in alphabetical order:

  • Biogeochemistry,
  • Climate dynamics
  • Ecosystem services
  • Human dimensions, and
  • Modeling and observing systems.

These areas converge in integrative regional studies at three geopolitical regions of Chile as detailed in the proposal. Each area of research has a principal investigator (PI) and a deputy PI. Director and deputy director are chosen for a period of at least two (2) years and at most four (4) years among the associated researchers of the center.

Director, deputy director and PIs form the academic board, which is responsible for strategic decisions of (CR)2. The board meets regularly, at least once a month. Support personnel, students and post doctoral fellows will choose a representative who will participate in the board meetings. If agreement on a given matter is not reached,  only board members will vote on the matter. The director is responsible for coordinating the overarching scientific and administrative activities at (CR)2, and he/she receives guidance from the board and from the International Scientific Panel and the National Policy Panel. There will be an administrative unit and an outreach and education unit that will support the director and (CR)2 associates in the corresponding activities.


Laura Gallardo Klenner (Universidad de Chile)

Profesora Asociada en el Departamento de Geofísica (DGF) y Directora del Centro de Ciencia del Clima y la Resiliencia ( Obtuvo un Doctorado en Meteorología Química en la Universidad de Estocolmo (MISU) en 1996, trabajando descargas eléctricas y nitrógeno oxidado bajo la tutela del Profesor Henning Rodhe.

Sub Director

René Garreaud
René Garreaud (Universidad de Chile)

Profesor Titular del Departamento de Geofísica de la Universidad de Chile desde el año 2011 (previamente y desde 2001 fue Profesor Adjunto) y se desempeñó como Director entre 2008-2009 en el mismo Departamento. En el año 2000 obtuvo un Doctorado en Meteorología en la Universidad de Washington , Seattle, EEUU, trabajando en la interacción trópica-intertrópica modelando el clima de América del Sur bajo la tutela del Profesor Mike Wallace. Además es Ingeniero Civil y Magíster en Geofísica de la Universidad de Chile (1993).