Reports to the Nation

Report to the Nations | The Anthropocene in Chile: evidence and ways forward

In the 21st century, Chile’s development is at stake because of the threats posed by the Anthropocene. This epoch is characterized by human influence...

Report to the Nation | The 2010-2015 Mega-drought: A lesson for the future

Starting in 2010, the Chilean territory between the Coquimbo and La Araucanía Regions (30°-40° ) has experienced a precipitation deficit of approximately 30%. Not only...


Policy brief | Climate Change and Coronavirus Recovery Plans

Ryan Mitchell, MA Student at Clark University, International Development and Social Change. Internship at Climate Change Law Observatory - (CR)2. The coronavirus pandemic has brought...

Transformation from science to decision-making

The IPCC understands Transformations as systemic changes that enable more ambitious, i.e., significant and rapid, advances in mitigation and adaptation than currently being observed,...