Principal Investigators

Principal Investigator | Water and extremes

René Garreaud

Garreaud is a full-time professor at the Geophysics Department, Universidad de Chile. He obtained his PhD in Meteorology from the University of Washington, USA, studying the tropical-intertropical interactions and modelling the South American climate. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master in Geophysics, both from Universidad de Chile.

Garreaud’s work areas are mainly focused on climate change and vulnerability, with an emphasis on South America, contributing to many studies of the region’s synoptic and mountain meteorology. An important part of his work has been acting as principal investigator on different projects funded by The National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (Fondecyt). In 2019, Garreaud has been named corresponding member of The Chilean Academy of Sciences.


Principal Investigator | Land use change

Antonio Lara

Lara is a professor and researcher at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Natural Resources, Universidad Austral de Chile. He has dedicated his academic life and research to the ecology of native forest, dendrochronology, climate change and the study of ecosystem services in Chile. His commitment to this research area is shown in his role as president of the Forecos foundation, leading and collaborating to integrate relevant activities into ecosystem services.

Lara has provided advice and participated in public and private consultations. His studies and proposals were incorporated into the Chilean Native Forest Law (approved in 2008), as well as other regulations related to forestry conservation and management.


Principal Investigator | Resilient cities

Eugenia Gayó

Biologist from Universidad de Concepción, Chile, and PhD in Biological Sciences from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her research focuses on determining the direction, causes and impacts, on different temporal scales, of hydro-climatic anomalies in Chilean arid zones. Also she’s looking at the sensitivity of the Andes’ indigenous populations to fluctuations in regional bioproductivity over the last 14,000 years.


Principal Investigator | Governance and science-policy interface

Pilar Moraga

Moraga is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Law, Universidad de Chile. She studied Law at the same university, and obtained a Master and a PhD in International and Community Law from Université de Lille, France. Currently, she’s the director of the Environmental Law Centre at Universidad de Chile. Her research interests are focused on sustainable development, environmental law, climate change laws, energy and regulation.

Moraga was a researcher at the IREENAT Research Institute on Transnational Activities at Université de Lille, and at Université de Valenciennes, France. In 2015, she lead the (CR)2 and Adapt-Chile joint project “Proposal for a Legal and Institutional Framework to address Climate Change in Chile”, which was one the first projects that discussed the implementation of a climate change law in Chile.

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Principal Investigator | Coastal zone

Martín Jacques

Assistant Professor at the Geophysics Department, Universidad de Concepción, Chile. Master in Geophysics (Meteorology and Climatology) from Universidad de Chile, and PhD in Climate Science from Universität Bern, Switzerland. His research focuses on climate variability in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly in South America.

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