"American Geophysical Union-Meeting of the Americas”


Entre el 14 y 17 de Mayo se realizará en Cancún, México la «American Geophysical Union-Meeting of the Americas” donde nuestra Directora, Laura Gallardo, realizará la presentación «Going beyond city boarders: the case of Central Chile» durante la sesión de Mega Ciudades. Toda la información de esta importante reunión en: http://moa.agu.org/2013/


ABSTRACT: Coastal cities interact in various ways with the adjacent ocean. Such interactions are of particular interest over central Chile where: 1) substantial emissions of oxidized sulfur in connection with copper smelting, power plants and possibly volcanic quasi permanent degassing occur; 2) upwelling results in hot spots of biogenic bromine and iodine; 3) substantial production of sea-salt aerosols takes place. These interactions may constitute an important constrain when defining policy measures for addressing air pollution in the most urbanized regions of Chile. This is because Chilean cities are applying curbing measures on a relatively fast pace, which may turn halogen chemistry relevant in the upcoming decades when defining appropriate measures for air pollution control and emission reductions of chemically active tracers. We overview these issues and look out for ways of addressing them in the framework of the recently awarded Center for Climate and Resilience Research in Chile.