Webinar «Global Cooperation for the Environment: Policy, Technology, and Action» (Wilson Center)


    To celebrate 50 years since the founding of Earth Day, the Wilson Center invites you to join us for a reflection on global cooperation for the environment through the lens of policy, technology, and action. The world has changed from the first Earth Day, with landmark wins balanced by new challenges—ocean plastics, climate change, water insecurity—affecting environmental policy and action.

    This is an opportunity for a global call to action, working across silos. Interdisciplinary collaboration and multi-sector partnerships can help us leverage science and technology to play a critical role in shaping the design and execution of public policy. In partnership with the Smithsonian Conservation Commons and the Earth Optimism Summit and leveraging initiatives such as the Wilson Center’s collaboration around Earth Challenge 2020, we aim to elevate solutions-based, integrated approaches to tackling today’s toughest environmental challenges. The result can be a more inclusive, resilient, and ultimately healthy environment and society.

    Maisa Rojas

    “The way we do science is through transparently sharing data, making our methods clear and open—that’s very important—and that’s how we do science in whatever field of science you come from. But it is so evident now that this is really critical to solve this pandemic.”

    “Climate change…cannot be addressed just by a climatologist or an economist or a sociologist, etc. And even in the climate or the earth sciences, there are many different disciplines that need to understand and fully comprehend the magnitude of the problem.»

    Watch at Wilson Center web site.