Exhibición del documental: "Thin ice climate: The inside Story of Climate Science"


Este 22 de abril se celebra el Día Mundial de la Tierra y en el marco de su conmemoración el “Center for Climate and Resilience Research» (CR)2 exhibirá de forma simultánea con otras ciudades del mundo, el documental:

“Thin ice climate: The inside Story of Climate Science”

Luego será comentado por las investigadoras del (CR)2:  Laura Gallardo y Maisa Rojas


Información en: http://thiniceclimate.org   /

Origins: Thin Ice is a joint initiative between Oxford University, United Kingdom, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (VUW), and London-based DOX Productions. Both Universities have active programmes with world-wide networks of collaborators in climate change and related research.

The project began over a cup of coffee at a Climate Change and Governance conference in Wellington in March 2006. Peter Barrett (VUW) suggested to Simon Lamb (Oxford) that he make a film about it with his friend David Sington (DOX Productions)

The aim from the outset was to give people from all walks of the life the chance to see the astonishing range of human activity as well as scientific endeavour that is required to help us understand our changing climate. Our idea was then we would all be better able to decide both individually and collectively how we might deal with it.

­What we have done: We have visited researchers on 4 continents and the ocean as they studied the changes in the atmosphere, oceans and ice sheets through measurements (from instruments, satellites, ice and rock) and computer modelling. We have to think not only in human time scales (hundreds of years), but also Ice Age time scales (tens of thousands of years), and even beyond (before 2-3 million years ago) when Earth was naturally warmer.