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Computacional Resources

Climate simulations require high performance computacional resources and big storage volumes. At (CR)2 we have two environments with different computing capacities of distributed processing and storage, both available to conduct scientific research in atmospheric sciences:

Computing and local storage capacity

Location: (CR)2 area inside Computacional Center at University of Chile.

We have a high performance distributed computing cluster (Rocks based on CentOS) that allows to run climate simulations:

  • Rocks Cluster Fontend: Camanchaca. Dell PowerEdge 2950, 8 cores Intel Xeon CPU X5450 , 8G RAM, storage 2.4 TeraBytes
  • Node 1: Panotia. Dell PowerEdge R720, 20 cores Intel Ivy Bridge E5-2660V2 (2 processors, with 10 cores double threaded each) 120 cores de Xeon Phi 7120P (2 cards) 64G RAM and 9 TeraBytes of fast storage.
  • Nodo 2: Gondwana. Dell PowerEdge R730, 28 cores Intel Xeon CPU E5-2697 (2 processors, with 14 cores double threaded each), 64G RAM y and 6 TeraBytes of fast storage.
  • Node 3: Pangea. Dell PowerEdge R710, 64 cores Intel E5530 (16 processors, 8 threaded) 12G RAM y 6 TeraBytes of fast storage.

Simulations’ results from this two environments are stored using:

  • A Storage device: Cumulus. Dell PowerVault MD3600i with a capacity of 21 TeraBytes.
  • A storage and web services server. Qhawayra. Dell PowerEdge R520, 24 cores Intel Xeon CPU E5-2430, 16G TAM, and 8 TeraBytes of storage.

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NLHPC computing capacity

Location: NLHPC area (National Laboratory for High Performance Computing) in Center for Mathematical Modeling at University of Chile.

We have access to the following computing capacity:

  • Levque: each user has access to 64 cores (8 per node) and to 3 GBRam/Core, with 80GB space in disk.
  • Leftraru: each user has access to 120 cores, and the group has 5 TeraBytes available for temporary storage. Leftraru has 128 HP SL230 nodes, plus four HP SL250, 2640 cores Intel Ivy Bridge E5-2660V2, 12 Xeon Phi 5110p, 5.4 TB de RAM, Infiniband FDR connection at 56Gbits/s, 274TB of storage offered by DDN (EXAScaler)

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