El Jueves 26 de Septiembre a las 14:30 hrs. en Blanco Encalada 2002, Sala de Seminarios, 5to piso, Departamento de Geofísica se realizará la charla  «HIGH CLIMATE SENSITIVITY IN PAST WARM CLIMATES» a cargo de nuestro investigador, Dr. Gary Shaffer (Departamento de Geofísica, Universidad de Concepción y Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen)

The 200,000 year long, Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) global warming event about 56 million years ago has been advanced as a possible analog to future global warming although the rate of carbon input driving the PETM was likely an order of magnitude smaller than the rate of present anthropogenic CO2 emissions. It may be more profitable to use the much-studied PETM as a window into the workings of warm climates. As shown here climate-related and isotope data from the PETM and surrounding times, when combined with carbonate chemistry, provide constraints on carbon cycling and climate sensitivity during these warm times in Earth history.