Charla "Mineral dust aerosols in paleoclimatic archives and models"


El lunes 21 de octubre a las 14:30 hrs. te invitamos a la charla de Fabrice Lambert, investigador asociado (CR)2 (Sala Quinto Piso, DGF, Blanco Encalada 2002.)


Aerosols are the second most potent agent affecting anthropogenic radiative forcing after greenhouse gases. However, despite some progress in the field, the uncertainty of aerosol impact on present and past climate remains much larger than for other species. The total atmospheric dust load is an important factor for the radiative budget of the atmosphere, and for the micronutrient supply to terrestrial and marine ecosystems.


As a new member of (CR)2 I will present my past and present work on mineral dust aerosols and discuss my plans for future research at the DGF. The first part will focus on the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) and my measurements on the Dome C ice core, with a particular emphasis on the Dome C dust proxy records. In the second part I will present my work on global dust deposition. By combining dust flux measurements in paleoclimatic archives with dust deposition variables from climate models it is possible to reconstruct atmospheric dust concentrations in present and past climatic conditions. Finally, I will talk about the various collaborations I have in mind with the different groups at DGF for future research.